Santa Voyage 3D

Santa Voyage 3D 1.3

Fly on the sky with Santa Claus and his deer with this animated screensaver
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Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Western world, and Santa Claus is its universal symbol. This free, animated 3D screensaver features Santa riding his sleigh, flying above the clouds and over snowy landscapes, leaving a stardust track behind. But this is not your average Santa. His sleigh is powered by only two deers and is more akin to a hot rod, equipped with chromed exhaust pipes, a license plate and even a sticker of a Confederate flag. The graphics of the screensaver is very good and offers different views of the sleigh and the environment. For example, you can see Santa flying over a starry sky or above a snowy mountain range. All this is coupled with a nice music background (Jingle Bells) and some simple but effective sound effects. Also, a couple Christmas-related of text messages appear every now and then, reminding you that Santa is coming.
The screensaver takes a while to load. Also, you need a good graphics card for it to work properly. Nevertheless, it is a very good screensaver that will delight you in the upcoming holidays.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Good graphics and music


  • Takes a while to load
  • Needs a good graphic card to display properly
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